Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Everything is Energy

We were sent out and told to water the plants. I'm very stubborn an instead watched everyone else. I touched a tree leaf as I was munching on my cookie and it suddenly happened-an unexpected surprise. I was energy and so was the leaf and so was the cookie; there was no separation. Maybe it was the year 2000.

The question is not "who am I". The question is "what am I".

Even funnier is the answer: the problem u see is not the answer, but the question. The question already implies that I exist. So long as this question exist the answer cannot coexist. it is in the very absence of this questions lies what we are searching for.

We are lost in a search by noone looking for nothing.

The meaning of life is to live. There is no beginning and no end.
There is noone suffering, there is just suffering.
There is noone to protect and noone who is protecting.
There is no experiencer that is experiencing.
I am an illusion. Everything that I think I am is an illusion and so are u.
I am a blind man looking for a black cat in a dark room that does'nt exist.
Something that does'nt exist cannot be separate.
To say I am energy is to say I don't exist is to say there is noone there.
There is just energy. Everything is energy.

...God = Universe = Energy = I = Collective Consciousness = Presence...